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William L. Jones OD FAAO's Peripheral Ocular Fundus, Third Edition PDF

Good geared up and finished, this article is richly illustrated with full-color images to help with analysis and remedy of problems of the peripheral ocular fundus. It covers developmental anomalies of the peripheral retina, ora serrata, and pars plana, with emphasis put on degeneration and anomalies of the retina and vitreous that have the possibility of generating a retinal holiday or detachment.

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06). I used a similar process on the torso. 07). Textures When it comes to texturing the most recommended method is to first draw the shape and afterwards cover it with a particular texture. This time I’ll show you how to make the stones that are in the background. First draw a rock with any brush you want. Then look for a photo that has the desired rock texture, and then select the area you are interested in (loop tool + CTRL C+CTRL V), and put it on the drawing using overlay. Once you have the texture on the drawing, open up a new layer and paint the texture with a brush to give it the final finish.

New technology and 3D engines make games look as if they are real and contain very detailed images. For this reason, when it comes to making art, you have to show a lot of detail. Although detail and design disappear when playing the game, the truth is that you have to first sell the game. This is the reason why detail and a cool design make the difference. The Tutorial The idea of this tutorial was to design a marine who has a suit that could withstand extreme heat on fire planets. For the last two weeks I’ve been drawing volcanic lava backgrounds for the company I work for.

Tuning the Buildings After the major change in the buildings, I start to look for repetition in the shapes. 11). 12). I crop parts from a photo of a city at night and take advantage of the Color Dodge layer to create this effect. 13). Then I switch the layer blending mode to Color Dodge; this will allow a very nice glow from just the bright windows and eliminate any black areas in the photo. 14). I use a horizontal platform to help break up shapes in the foreground, adding depth and definition.

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