By Andrew Kernohan

ISBN-10: 0978035003

ISBN-13: 9780978035006

This e-book goals to use contemporary considering in philosophy to the age-old challenge of the that means of existence, and to take action in a fashion that's precious to atheists, agnostics, and humanists. The ebook reorients the quest for which means clear of a look for function and towards a look for what really issues, and criticizes our society's triumphing conception of price, the choice delight thought of the economists. It subsequent argues that feelings are our greatest courses to what concerns in existence, and exhibits how emotional judgments approximately what concerns might be actual. eventually it discusses how a significant existence could be lived, describes the function of justice, freedom, id, and tradition in its development, and compares the significant with the satisfied life.Andrew Kernohan has a Ph.D in philosophy from the collage of Toronto and is an accessory Professor at Dalhousie collage. he's the writer of Liberalism, Equality, and Cultural Oppression (Cambridge college Press, 1998) and diverse articles in specialist philosophy journals.

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We not only want things, but also admire them, are proud of them, are in awe of them, enjoy them, love them, despise them, and hate them. Why should we single out just one attitude among many – desire – and privilege it as the sole way of identifying value? We will examine the route to meaning through the emotions in later chapters. To make progress, we have already abandoned the conceptual framework of purposes that dates from Aristotle and the ancient Greeks. We should equate meaning neither with alignment to a cosmic purpose nor with the development of human potential.

Others seek meaning in blissful states of transpersonal consciousness, or they seek the oceanic feeling of union with the world. Forms of hedonism that emphasize the avoidance of suffering also tempt us. The followers of the ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus, sought serenity in rational control over desires for worldly pleasures. The Buddha taught that all life is suffering, and taught a path to the cessation of suffering. All such views have in common that they locate meaning in having certain types of psychological states.

Our search leads us now to a third route to meaningfulness, the fulfillment of desire. If we want something, then it matters to us. So the desire-fulfillment theory seems, initially, to lead in the right direction. Consumerism Nonetheless, if we seek only the fulfillment of desire, then we will probably not be any happier than we are now. We should not confuse our imagined joy at the prospect of sudden wealth with the long-term tediousness of having our every whim satisfied. Initially, if someone were to win in the lottery, or in the financial markets, or otherwise suddenly to acquire wealth, he would be exhilarated at what this wealth would make possible.

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