By Carl-Herman Hempen

ISBN-10: 0443100942

ISBN-13: 9780443100949

Phytotherapy or natural drugs is crucial treatment inside of chinese language drugs and is getting used more and more within the West.  A Materia Medica for chinese language medication: vegetation, minerals and animal items describes four hundred of crucial vegetation, minerals and animal ingredients used as remedies through chinese language clinical practitioners.  The goods integrated were chosen based on their measure of scientific relevance. each one treatment is obviously defined and illustrated on dealing with pages, making this an simply available reference for either scholars and practitioners of chinese language natural medicine.  The sincerely laid out textual content offers the next information for every herb or substance incorporated: an in depth description of the attribute positive aspects indictions for secure use medicinal and poisonous results attainable combos with different elements full-colour illustrations, in general for every substance, exhibiting the exact characterisitcs of the object defined A Materia Medica for chinese language medication has been written through medically knowledgeable medical professionals who've labored as TCM therapists focusing on using chinese language herbs for greater than 30 years.  in keeping with their a long time of training and perform, the publication has been conscientiously compiled and designed to supply a concise and exact practice-based reference for either scholars and practitioners.

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Taiwaniana, etc. Angelicae formosanae radix Engelwurzwurzel angelica root Temperature  warm Signal herb Large Intestine, Stomach Taste Direction of action    pungent aromatic Organ relationship    Stomach Large Intestine Lung lifting Site of action Nose, upper burner Actions/Indications Releases the exterior Acute wind-cold: rhinitis, nasal congestion  Expels wind Rhinitis, nasal congestion, headache  Dries dampness Pus formation, rhinitis, nasal congestion, diseases of the nasal sinuses, purulent sinusitis; mastitis, vaginal discharge  Expels wind-cold Rhinitis, nasal congestion, headache  Transforms phlegm Phlegm build-up, pus in the nasal sinuses and in the area of the head, mastitis, vaginal discharge, sores, boils  Breaks up lumps Sores, carbuncles, purulent swelling especially in the areas of the Stomach and Large Intestine channels  Opens the orifices and the channels Nasal congestion, headache, light-headedness  Relieves and disperses pain Headache, sinusitis  Physiological/pharmacological effects antibiotic effect shown in vitro.

286, Mori cortex (sang bai pi) p. 674, Lycii fructus (gou qi zi) p. 800, Isatidis folium (da qing ye) p. 162 Contraindications Spleen qi deficiency, lack of appetite, diarrhoea Pregnancy use is allowed 53 I Cicadae periostracum Chan tui Zoological name: German: English: Cryptotympana atrata, C. pustulata Zikadenpanzer cicada moulting Temperature  cold Taste   sweet salty Organ relationship   Lung Liver Direction of action  ascending Site of action Throat and neck, skin Actions/Indications  Releases the exterior Fever, exanthemas  Expels wind-heat Sore throat, fever, cough, loss of voice, hoarseness  Vents rashes Measles, chickenpox, exanthemas with fever  Settles tremors and convulsions Childhood febrile diseases in which wind causes convulsions, tonic–clonic seizures, delirium, night terrors, auxiliary substance in treating tetanus  Clears the head and eyes Painful, swollen, reddened eyes, cataract, visual disturbances  Expels wind Hoarseness, loss of voice, painful obstruction of the throat, reddened eyes, rashes  Alleviates itching Skin diseases, chickenpox, exanthemas  Cools heat and moistens dryness Cools blood, generates fluids, hoarseness, itching, urticaria, eczema, atopic dermatitis Physiological/pharmacological effects sedative CNS effect, enhances the sedative effect of barbiturates and other CNS depressants and decreases the stimulating effect of caffeine; may impair driving ability.

164 Compatibility limited by fresh onions Contraindications heat due to yin deficiency, blood heat, wind-heat Pregnancy use is forbidden 27 I Coriandri herba et fructus Hu sui Family: Standard species: German: English: Apiaceae Coriandrum sativum Koriander coriander Temperature  warm Taste  pungent Organ relationship    Lung Stomach Spleen Direction of action  sinking Site of action Surface, middle burner Actions/Indications  Releases the exterior Fever without sweating  Vents rashes Measles, chickenpox  Harmonizes and tonifies the middle burner Relieves food stagnation, digestive problems  Dispels wind-cold Fever without sweating, cold symptoms Physiological/pharmacological effects contains volatile oils, stimulates gas­ tric juices, promotes digestion, mild spasmolytic effect.

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