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It can be eliminated by employing a working set for each individual segment, so that a segment which is not a part of the current locality would not have any of its pages in memory. When processes share a segment, page replacement for the shared segment should be performed using the union of working sets of all processes sharing the segment. Problem 27: This statement is valid unless page replacement is performed locally within a segment. 4 because the page containing the address of the data area would not have been prefetched and I/O fixed in memory.

After that, restore all files whose contents are found in incremental back-ups taken since the last full back-up. Finally, process the audit trail for files that were being processed at the point of failure and update the files accordingly. Problem 15: The stable storage technique protects data existing on the disk against loss due to faults. A file system can use the stable storage technique to protect that part of its control data which is stored on a disk. However, it alone is not adequate to ensure integrity of the file system because the file system’s control data that exists in memory would be lost when a fault occurs.

Problem 2: In asymmetric communication, the sender names the receiver but the receiver does not name the sender. 5. If a receive request cannot be satisfied straightaway, it anticipates a send to be performed by some process, hence an ECB is created for a send. However, identity of the prospective sender is not known at this point. Let process P j now send to Pi . The kernel must relate this event to that mentioned in the ECB. The search for a matching ECB in Steps S2 and S3 and the creation of ECB in Step S4 should be modified to incorporate this requirement.

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