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"[Small is] an ideal outsider critic, the type of clever, generalizing brain who sees the entire photo; he's the other of a striving, circumspect educational who has the path of specialization towards the target of tenure. even though informed within the classical culture and punctiliously at domestic with its canon, Small has proven an extraordinary catholicity of pursuits . . . like any experts, Small teaches extra approximately the way to stay on the subject of the subject material than he does concerning the subject material itself . . . Small's power is openness. He fiercely believes within the universality of musical event and seeks to make realizing of it available to the final reader . . . His such a lot own publication, Musicking could be visible as a daring divestment of his personal cultural education, finishing within the guy status bare earlier than his friends. " --Lingua Franca
"Christopher Small has whatever of the guru's reward of claiming clever issues within the least difficult but additionally most tasty manner. The booklet is instructive and enlightening, attention-grabbing to consider, or even to vary with . . . stimulating and worthwhile. " (Ross Chambers)

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2 Yet, as suggestive as these efforts may have been, with them Nietzsche ventured only a few fi rst steps toward a new interpretation of the sensible. It was only through Husserl’s phenomenology that the conceptual and methodological means for such an interpretation were provided, especially through the concepts of intentionality and of horizon and through the methodological insistence on rigorously binding philosophy to the things themselves. Only thereby could a descriptive, hermeneutical discipline be developed by which to address sensible things directly in their own character rather than regarding them only in their capacity to image an allegedly true world remote from everything sensible.

Even in singing just of the elements—apart from their song—a disclosiveness comes into play that goes completely beyond mere characterization. 12 Rather, it is a song that puts in force artistically the capacity of the earth to disclose human mortality, that lets the bond between earth and death be lyrically sounded. Into this song a truth is set: that while, in Homer’s words, to live is to see the light of the sun, to inhabit the earth is to be bound to die. It is of the darkness that death spreads even into life that the tenor sings in these lines from the first song: A brimming cup of wine at the right time Is worth more than all the riches of the earth!

How could there be a song of nature, one sung within nature, sung by the voice of a natural creature? How could there be such art—or protoart—within nature, granted the differentiation on which, despite all the complications accumulated in the Critique of Judgment, Kant nonetheless insists, that between artistic beauty and the beauty of nature? Can what certain voices of nature produce be called song in any but an improper sense? Can one even speak of nature’s song without rendering the sense of song utterly equivocal, threatening the very unity of the concept to such an extent that one would finally be driven to ask whether there is any such thing as song as such.

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