By George Schlossnagle

ISBN-10: 0672325616

ISBN-13: 9780672325618

Over the last 3 years personal home page has developed from being a distinct segment language used so as to add dynamic performance to small websites to a robust software making powerful inroads into large-scale, business-critical internet platforms.   The speedy maturation of Hypertext Preprocessor has created a skeptical inhabitants of clients from extra conventional "enterprise" languages who query the readiness and talent of Hypertext Preprocessor to scale, in addition to a wide inhabitants of Hypertext Preprocessor builders with out formal machine technology backgrounds who've discovered throughout the hands-on experimentation whereas constructing small and midsize functions in personal home page.   whereas there are various books on studying Hypertext Preprocessor and constructing small functions with it, there's a severe lack of awareness on "scaling" personal home page for large-scale, business-critical structures. Schlossnagle's complex personal home page Programming fills that void, demonstrating that personal home page is prepared for company internet purposes through displaying the reader how one can strengthen PHP-based functions for optimum functionality, balance, and extensibility.

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Long-lived—These variables can exist in any scope but contain important information or are referenced through large blocks of code. n n n Temporary—These variables are used in small sections of code and hold temporary information. This allows you to easily identify them as global variables. Here’s an example: $CACHE_PATH = ‘/var/cache/’; ... == false && is_file($file)) { $retval[] = $file; } closedir($dir); return $retval; } Using all-uppercase for truly global variables and constants also allows you to easily spot when you might be globalizing a variable that you should not be globalizing.

The importance of indentation for code organization cannot be exaggerated. Many programmers consider it such a necessity that the Python scripting language actually uses indentation as syntax; if Python code is not correctly indented, the program will not parse! Although indentation is not mandatory in PHP, it is a powerful visual organization tool that you should always consistently apply to code. ($year % 100)) || ($year % 400 == 0)) { return 29; } else { return 28; } } else { return 31; } == Code Formatting and Layout Compare that with the following block that is identical except for indentation: if($month == ‘september’ || $month == ‘april’ || $month == ‘june’ || $month == ‘november’) { return 30; } else if($month == ‘february’) { if((($year % 4 == 0) && ($year % 100)) || ($year % 400 == 0)) { return 29; } else { return 28; } } else { return 31; } In the latter version of this code, it is easier to distinguish the flow of logic than in the first version.

Most large software projects have a naming scheme in place to make sure that all their code looks similar. The rules presented here are adapted from the PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR) style guidelines. PEAR is a collection of PHP scripts and classes designed to be reusable components to satisfy common needs. While plenty of texts (including academic computer science texts) use nonsense variable names as generics, such names serve no useful purpose and add nothing to a reader’s understanding of the code.

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