By Norman Spinrad

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The Judeo-Christians had their Bible, the Communists had their Marxlenin, and the Brotherhood has Markowitz and his Theory of Social Entropy. It's all the same kind of meaningless mumbo-jumbo. " "Yes, it is, because they offer what is superficially a real alternative. " Torrence laughed. "Don't ask me to be so crude as to answer that," he said. For the millionth time, he wondered how Khustov could keep power—and the answer was the same: five other Councilors believed the same garbage he did. And no wonder, since Obrina, Cordona and Kuryakin had all been selected by the Guardian.

He wondered if he really wanted to learn more of the cause he served. Wasn't it enough to serve a cause, men one could believe in, without being expected to comprehend the incomprehensible? Ching pressed a button on the small communicator-console built into the table. The door opened, and a tiny, wizened old man entered with energetic little mincing steps. Murmurs swept the table. "Schneeweiss? " Ching smiled. "I believe that all the Prime Agents know Dr. Schneeweiss, and vice versa. Dr. " 55 "You .

Eight men were seated around the table, dressed in plain green shorts and Tshirts—standard wear for a closed environment— and each man wore a gold medallion on a chain around his neck. The medallions bore the letter "G" raised above a blackened background. Although the table was perfectly round, one man, it seemed to Duntov, made the place at which he sat the head of the table by his very presence at it. He was old, how old Duntov could not tell, for his long, thin hair was still black and his copper skin had carefully leathered into a neat network of a million tiny wrinkles.

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