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The speed of the marble depends on how close it  < previous page < previous page page_168 page_169 next page > next page > Page 169 is to the rotating center. The closer to the center, the more slowly the marble moves outward, until a point is reached where the marble's outward speed equals zero; that point is the exact center.  < previous page < previous page page_169 page_17 next page > next page > 59 60 Page 17 Remove the pennies after one hour. Examine the holes made by the pennies. Results The hole around the penny connected to the metal tape leading to the positive terminal is green.

Examine the holes made by the pennies. Results The hole around the penny connected to the metal tape leading to the positive terminal is green. Why? Connecting the penny to the positive pole of the battery gives the copper in the penny a positive charge. When the positively charged copper particles combine with negative particles in the potato, a green copper compound is formed. You can use this experiment to identify the positive terminal of any battery. Â < previous page < previous page page_17 page_170 next page > next page > Page 170 74 Pepper Run Purpose To make black pepper run across a bowl of water with soap as its power source.

The friction from the air, book, and floor is the same during both experiments; thus, they do not have to be considered. In Experiment 71, it was discovered that heavier objects roll farther. The water makes the jar heavier, but the water hits against the inside of the jar as it rolls down the incline, increasing the friction inside the jar. It takes more energy to move this jar with the wobbling water inside. Â < previous page < previous page page_166 page_167 next page > next page > Page 167 57 58 Â < previous page < previous page page_167 page_168 next page > next page > Page 168 73 Spinner Purpose To determine how the speed of a rotating object is affected by its distance from the center.

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