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In the course of the process hundreds of thousands of years, animals have tailored to numerous environments on the earth. even though animals have advanced over geologic time to Earth's continually altering environments, and even if the extinctions of convinced species are general, in no different time within the planet's background has the extinction cost climbed as excessive because it is this day. explanations of this unparalleled extinction fee comprise destruction of natural world habitat, toxins, overfishing, and poaching. "Animals" illustrates those pressing matters in a way available to heart and highschool readers.

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Then, when Australia’s northward drift caused it to move toward southeast Asia 16 million years ago, rodents, such as rats and bats, managed to cross to Australia and establish populations—but, for over 50 million years, Australia was dominated by marsupials. Areas like South America and Australia, which was one of the last continents to separate, have many similarities in their plants and animals. Since separation, their animal species have continued to independently adapt, but scientists do find common genetic roots between them.

Because the tundra is so cold, its animals have had to adapt in order to survive. Because the climate is often cold and windy, most animals have developed compact bodies with short limbs, bills, and wings to conserve heat. Other animals have thick deposits of blubber (fat) or dense layers of feathers or fur to insulate them. Polar bears have two layers of fur. Many animals burrow into the ground, as it also serves as a good insulator against harsh climates. Some animals burrow into the snow in order to avoid the strong winds typical in the polar regions.

Even though the same geological forces are still active today, these resources—which were formed from the remains of dinosaurs and ancient vegetation millions of years ago—will never be replaced within our lifetime. Energy resources, such as wind power and waterpower are considered renewable because they are readily abundant and can be generated within a short period of time. Ecosystems are complex and fragile. All elements of living systems are interwoven; if one element is affected, the entire system is affected.

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