By Paulu Lino Zovatto

Old inscriptions of Christians. b/w images. Written in Italian.

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Notice that this is not a form of compensatory lengthening (such as the one proposed by Hualde): there is no compensation in terms of duration, but rather a compensation in terms of contrastivity. Since the voicing distinction is lost in word-final position, due to final devoicing, the burden of contrast is left VOWEL LENGTH AND CONSONANTAL VOICE 37 to the vowel length and to the consonantal length distinctions. However, the distinction between slightly longer and slightly shorter vowels attested in wordinternal position is not very robust, and thus it is emphasized in word-final position, where it acquires the role of the main contrast-carrying feature.

Before the recording session, the subject had some time to train himself with a list of sentences containing true adjectives with the same structure as the pseudo-adjectives, and with the list of the sentences containing the pseudo-adjectives used as stimuli. After these preliminaries, the subject was recorded while reading the list of sentence pairs 30 MARCO BARONI & LAURA VANELLI for six times, in random order. The recording took place in the sound booth of the Padua CNR Phonetics Laboratory.

Pek'ke rri punne] 'perche rispondi' [kadderete] 'qua dietro' [laffora] 'là fuori' 'tu sei scemo' j k. [tu si eme] [so bbjekkje] [po ttrasi] [o bbo ke] [o mmele] 1. m. [e pporte] [kkju fforta] n. o. [kkju u ave] [akkussi kkumbinate] [nu mme fa eme] 'to the theater' 'per via' 'by way of' 'per nessuna parte' 'no where' g. h. ' (Bichelli 1974:60) 'here behind' (Bichelli 1974:61) 'there outside'(Bichelli 1974:61) 'you are silly' 'I'm old' 'you can enter' 'puo entrare' 'il bosco' 'woods' 'il miele' 'le porte' 'honey' 'the doors' 'più forte' 'more strong' 'più soffïava' 'cosi conciati' 'the more it blew' 'so transformed' 'non mi fai scemo' 'don't make me stupid' Gemination serves to mark a gender morphology distinction that it cannot mark in Italian.

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Antiche iscrizioni cristiane by Paulu Lino Zovatto

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