By Lynn Van Gorp

Antoine Lavoisier has been known as the founding father of glossy chemistry. The French scientist is such a lot remembered for constructing the clinical technique, that's a cautious, step by step method for proving or disproving whatever.

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Additional work on aspects of veterinary medicine in the Middle East and India provided insights into the behavior of some domestic animals. The Arab agricultural revolution produced several ideas that are forerunners of ideas in modern ecology that have strong behavioral implications. One of these was the notion of food chains, which can be used to describe the links between predator and prey and also imply some understanding of the behavior patterns of animals either seeking food or avoiding being eaten.

Does your hypothesis involve correlation or regression analysis? • If not, how many groups were sampled, and were they related or unrelated? • Was there a dependent variable, and if so, what was it? • Was the effect that you measured nominal, ordinal, or interval/ratio? • What category of statistical inference tests is appropriate? • What are the available inference tests in that category? • What are the assumptions of each test, and are they met? • Which test is most appropriate? 28 • • • • ANIMAL BEHAVIOR What are the values of the test statistic and their associated probability?

They needed to find shelter and protection from weather and changes occurring in their habitat caused by major climatic events. They organized into some form of social system and engaged in patterns of reproduction and rearing of offspring to produce subsequent generations. They had to locate foods providing nourishment and nutrition—a diet that generally included both animals and plants. Becoming proficient in methods to catch and kill animal life as a food source required trial-and-error attempts; knowledge gained was passed to subsequent generations.

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